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Fireplaces studio

KAMMEO stone studio is located in Odessa, Ukraine. KAMMEO ltd works in the Ukrainian market in the field of natural stone processing and trade. Main activities of the company include:
  • Import and delivery of slabs and tiles of marble, granite, onyx, travertine, limestone as well as products made of these stones.
  • Design, manufacturing and installing of products made of stone: fireplaces, countertops and vanity tops, steps and stairs.
  • Application of stone products in landscape.
  • Separate trend of activity deals with fireplaces: chimney and stove installation; manufacturing and installation fireplace mantel of natural stone.

KAMMEO stone studio tries to receive up-to-date information on new materials, new application and use of the stone, new design of stone products.

We are interested in cooperation with the companies working in stone mining branches; owners of quarries; manufacturing factories specializing in line standard products; big exporters, narrow specialized firms in stone processing and design companies. We prefer to work with companies appreciating quality of processing, professionals of the business, loving stone.

We basically stake on uniqueness of stone, on quality and design of the made products. KAMMEO stone studio aspires to look at stone in a new fashion!

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